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Baarlo Private Residence

We may describe this geometric shaped roof like a waterfall which flows into the lake. It runs down and meet with the organic field and the nature which also covers this organic pool. Organic pool means; it filters itself with its natural elements at the same time it avoids waste of water. 
While designing interior spaces, we aim to make people feel both the spaciousness and the cosiness. Therefore, binding areas in the structure like halls and entrance are designed with high ceiling, while living spaces with low ceilings in order to keep the place cosy and warm.
Daylight is one of the key elements for interior design which enriches spatial quality and ensure the connection between people and nature. Therefore, while designing interior spaces, we always benefit from daylight at the maximum. 
Building Type: Residence
Construction Area: 687 m2 
Location: Baarlo, Netherlands
Year: 2017
Status: Completed
Scope: Architectural Design, Construction, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Furniture Design
The architectural form of this residence is obviously exaggerated with its sharp shapes. The reason is to make people feel this place as a universal and classical ‘house’.  The overview of this design can be described as a drawing of a child. When you ask a child to draw a house, the child will firstly draw the roof with its triangle shape. It is like a universal language of drawing a house. And since the client asked us to have such a house, we first started to design it from the top. While designing such a warm house, of course, the functionality of the house was also one of our main focus. That’s why, we use high ceilings in the binding areas while keeping ceilings lower in living spaces. Starting from the architectural design, we took care of all details of this house like interior design, furniture design, landscape design with the same mentality.