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Leather Factory KVL

The project consists of different functions. Each color represents a specific function such as;
Hotel, residential, food court, offices and ateliers, education and art center  
Each function has been designed to give the maximum efficiency and flexibility as seen in the floor plans
The terrain has a unique ambiance with its history, different types of buildings and its population. In order to have a full understanding of the terrain please check the video!
Building Type: Commercial Building
Construction Area: 13162 m2
Location: Oisterwijk, Netherlands
Year: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Scope: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Consultancy 
The leather factory KVL in Oisterwijk was one of the biggest leather factories of whole Europe. The KVL terrain consists of several buildings, some of which are already developed into their new functions, now the factory is going through a significant change as it will welcome its new residents and visitors though the architectural design of Aşure Netherlands. KVL will be the heart of the city and will have multi discipline usage such as hotel, residential, offices, restaurants, event and art center. The project consists of two phases where the monumental building will be transformed into its new functions and the hotel building will be newly constructed. The construction of the project is expected to start on  Q1-2019 and will find its final look on Q2-2020.